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All the pieces in the gallery were handmade by myself in my Suffolk workshop. I'm particularly fond of using lime wood, oak and local ash to create my pieces and will often use oil paints for colour or linseed oil to provide protection and bring out the beauty of wood. 

The Abbey of St Edmund

This carving of the Abbey of St Edmund was created over a period of around 80 hours over 4 months. I worked closely with The Bury Society, who commissioned this piece, to create a design of how the Abbey may have looked in its heyday. 

The mixture of carving to different depths, the perspective, different carving strokes and the oil colours really bring this design to life.

It was featured in Moyse's Hall Museum in Bury St Edmunds in 2021.

Wood carving Wall Art Abbey of St Edmund
St Edmund wall art wood carving

King Edmund the Martyr

Edmund was the King of East Anglia until 869 when the Danes invaded. They ordered him to submit his rule and renounce Christianity or be killed, he refused and was subsequently tied to a tree, shot full of arrows and beheaded. His actions led him to become a Martyr and Saint and his remains were moved to Bury St Edmunds, where his shrine attracted pilgrims from far and wide.

This carving tells the story of the invasion by the Danes, with their leader Ivan the Boneless leading the charge. The centre panel depicts King Edmund's refusal to submit and then his resulting death and legacy. Completed in around 100 hours over 3 months, oil paints were used to bring out similar colours which you would find in medieval artwork. 

Weaxan - British Wildflowers

Weaxan is an old English word meaning "to grow" which I felt was very apt for this piece. A slight step away from my usual historical carvings but a celebration of the richness of the world nonetheless. 

It features an array of British Wildflowers, trees and insects. A very welcoming sight on the wall it, without fail, promotes discussion every time someone walks by. 

Carefully carved from lime wood and finished with oil paints.

You can see more details including a price for this piece on the Pieces for Sale page. 

Wall Art Woodland.png
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