On this page I'll give you an idea of how the commission process works and how to get in touch with me to discuss your idea

The first step in any project is getting in touch with me, whether that be through my email, or even on Facebook or Instagram.

It usually starts with you giving me an idea of what you'd like made, then I'll submit 2 or 3 different designs/sketches with different price points so you can make a decision on whether you'd like to proceed or not. This step is free of charge.

The sketch you see here was the final design for the scarab carving, after the customer had decided on the design and agreed to the price.

I offer two different payment options to clients, either the whole amount up front or half up front and half on completion of the project.

design on wood.jpg

Soon after we've agreed on a design and the payment has been made I'll begin putting the design onto wood and will keep you updated with photos of the whole process. 

You can also watch me create your piece live on Twitch

There you can see me carve your idea and watch it slowly come to life, experiencing all the work that goes into it and even be able to chat about ideas with me in real time.

Beginning of Carving.jpg
Carving close to finished.jpg

When the product is finished I'll show you final photos and I will start packaging and send it off to you once the second payment has come in (if you opted for the 2 payment option, otherwise I will package and post as soon as I can)

I look forward to hearing about your project ideas!