Making an archway one weekend ten years ago led to my love for woodworking. My lack of funds and space meant I had to use hand tools and even though I began selling my work in the form of boxes and small furniture what I found a passion for eventually was wood carving.

It's hard for me to explain how much I think about carving and there are an incredible amount of ideas and projects I hope to complete in my lifetime. 

One thing I enjoy as much as creating what's in my head is bringing what's in your head to life. Whether it's a sign for your home, a figure of your favourite character or a piece of striking wall art I look forward to a challenge and launch myself fully into each project. Everything I make is one of a kind, I never replicate any of my pieces.

As a customer you also have the added benefit of watching me make your piece live on Here you'll be able to comment and make suggestions real time and be involved in the creation from beginning to end.


 Check the Commissions page to see how the commission process works from sketches right to the final product. See the shop page to buy one of my original pieces.


If you wish to learn how to carve then head to the Learning page where you can read about the 5 classes I currently have on Skillshare for complete beginners.  

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